Tourism Website Videos our tourism media streaming clips of some of our work, showing a range of option’s. Your hotel/resort video is set to music with or without voice over and text.Your hotel/Resort logo can be added to front and end of presentation.

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 Adrenalize offer a DVD with up to three edited options 30 second TV commercial style intro,90 second version ideal for tourism media streaming from your web site and a 2 minutes 30 seconds presentation. The three options would be on the one DVD with a  menu for you to choose between if screening at a trade show.


Our price range varies from NZ$2,000 up to $4,500 depending on size of hotel / resort and requirements from client. Filming time variety from one day shoot into evening through to three day shoot to cover various external activities and weather patterns, filming sunsets etc.


We have filmed hotels and resorts in Australia, Pacific Islands, Thailand and Singapore. 


Please call or email to arrange for a visit and quote.    

+64 7 348 9555

Michael Firth


Adrenalize Ltd.