The Leading Edge


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                                        "UTTERLY MAGNIFICENT... Firth and Dryburge take their cameras where no-one has gone before".****Highly Recommended AUCKLAND SUNDAY STAR
"GOOD HUMOURED with a strong go for it good times soul." EVENING MAIL
"This sequel to 'OFF THE EDGE' which picked up a Academy Award nomination a decade ago is a more-than-impressive piece of work from a director with a distinguished pedigree." NEW ZEALAND HERALD


THE LEADING EDGE - Featuring Billy T James

Featuring the comedic qualities of the one and only  Billy T James. Wherever there's a mountain resort you'll find them. The crazies. For these young people excitement is the drug. It pushes them to the limit of their skill and courage. It compels them to seek out the challenges of the unknown, wherever it may take them. 

For Matt a young ski-patroller from Colorado, the challenge is New Zealand, Uncrowded, undiscovered and a million miles away from the late snow, trees, and broken legs of his Telluride home base.Though he has heard stories of the "Kiwi Cowboys" who ski 'active' volcanoes, Matt is still surprised by the Kiwi animal. 
Like Bruce who skis with a piece of tree instead of ski poles, and Evan who takes Matt glacier-skiing through fantastic ice formations. And Mark, who really is a worry. His explosive trout-fishing methods are surpassed only by the exploits skiing down Mt Cook. Most people climb down with ropes. Matt is just beginning to wonder what he has let himself in for, when aviator cum entertainer Billy T James confirms his suspicions. 
Billy's "Fright a MInute" flying skills are just about as bad as his jokes, and suddenly crevasse-jumping looks safe by comparison. 
Back on terra firma however there is an air of excitment and anticipation. There is to be an event, like no other in the world. The ultimate test of couage and endurance.
Matt and the boys are joined by two hitch-hikers Melanie and Chrissie, who quickly get to grips with the vagaries of Bruce's fuel gauge and the consequent walks for petrol. 
As the miles and days roll by the six begin to feel a special bond of friendship, born of like minds and like spirits.
 Together they enter the event. The toughest test imaginable, on land, snow and water...  
Together they will strive for THE LEADING EDGE.