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   Mike Firth   


 Jeff Campbell        
    Blair Trenholme
New Zealand from Space
Extreme Skiing / Hang Gliding New Zealand Movie
Welcome to my website. As you can see the main event is an extreme skiing and hang-gliding adventure film I made that remains popular today. The demand kept growing so now at last a website for you to check out a couple of clips on the movie and opportunity to buy the DVD direct from the website. We welcome your comments and send us your own pictures.
This is back-packing at the extreme skiing end. Our accommodation, a climbers hut at 8,000 ft. Pioneer Hut is held down by wire rope anchored to the rock to survive the frequent 100 knot winds. From there we hiked and climbed to find thousands of feet of un-skied terrain. We survived avalanches and falling into crevices. We also survived putting up with each other. Jeff introduced hang-gliding to the story so we spent a second winter filming flying in the Southern Alps off mountain peaks with 8,000 vertical feet below and flying right into the inhospitable Hochstetter glacier a moving river of ice.
Off The Edge Film Reviews:
“A beautiful and awesome film, a stunner with one amazing vista following another, a thoroughly exhilarating experience and one that can be shared by the entire family”-Los Angeles Times.
“The best ski film ever made” The Skier Newspaper, California, USA.
“Thrilling…highly commended…a triumph.” NZ Herald.
The story follows two North Americans who come to New Zealand in search of adventure. The story is a depiction of the longing in each of us to be apart of the natural world around us. It is a fresh statement, a picture on a human scale, not the filming of an impossible dream. It confirms the fact that such experiences exist and are within our grasp. The film provides a glimpse and an understanding of the joy of taking those calculated risks to experience a realm, a part of life most people have forgotten.
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