Here is an exsert from the Rock The Boat DVD Snapper Fishing and Scallop Diving in The Bay Of Islands New Zealand

Join two middle aged foodies Bruce and Wayne as they explore the Bay Of Islands snapper fishing,scallop diving and having heaps of fun, food, wine and meeting the locals.


The Bay Of Islands is a popular pictureque part of New Zealand, well known to many overseas visitors for it's deep sea fishing, beautiful beaches and early history of New Zealand.


The banter between these two guys and their ability to take the micky out of each other is very entertaining, developed from many years of friendship.




Enjoying a stunning sunset the good friends relax at the end of a long day


                                                                   Bruce And Wayne                                                                                    Sailing in the Bay Of Islands   I don't think it was such a good idea letting him drive the boat after a couple of wines. 


           Boat on auto pilot            Checking the wind            Robertin Island         Delicious Scallops  Preparing for a scuba diveA serviette would have done           Sailing at Sunset

Scallop Diving - Scene from Rock the Boat DVD