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Sylvia Ashton Warner

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Sylvia - the movie
The memorable true story of a New Zealand woman who overcame many obstacles to become an internationally acclaimed teacher and a best selling writer.
SYLVIA tells the real story of the most crucial years of her life, when she was living in a remote Maori settlement in the North Island of New Zealand and developing a revolutionary method of teaching which was to bring her to world attention.

Music painting and writing became Sylvia's most cherished activities, but teaching was the only work which she could find.

So she graduated as a teacher, married a teacher and spent more than 20 years working with infant groups.


Film Reviews

“One of the Ten Best Films of the Year. Put ‘Sylvia’ at the top of your movie-going priorities. Enchanting and imaginatively erotic” -Village Voice, New York

"A handsome portrait" - New York Times

"Charms, instrucks and inspires" - US Magazine

This is a movie of eloquent dialogue and even more eloquent silences; of wonderful faces that tell whole worlds in a glance, a pause, a kiss in the rain. Of such are the glories of cinema made". American critic Molly Haskell, reviewing Firth's feature Sylvia in Vogue magazine.
"A Lovely tribute to a fascinating woman" - Vogue.
" Superb, exciting" - Daily Mail London.